What Are Examples Of Stereotyping?


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People who eat lots of food are really fat and unhealthy
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If you are in a school or educational environment and you ask girls to put away dolls and boys to put away cars you are stereotyping all children and people must be treated equally so you can say girls and boys put cars and dolls away, perfect no stereotyping make the world a better place =]
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Stereotyping are assumptions regarding anyone based on their behavior, culture, lifestyle, attitude etc.
Some Examples of Stereotypes prevailing worldwide are:
Blondes are less wise,
Politicians are always corrupt,
Women are too talkative,
Men are too careless in relationships and are more oriented at physical relationship rather than emotional relationships,
Women are more honest in relationships,
Arabs and Turkish culture is stereotyped for Belly Dancers and is usually depicted in that way too.
Irish people are stereotyped for quick tempered.
Aliens are stereotyped for being killers.
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Assumptions about others beliefs or culture or people in groups such as gothics and emos that is stereotyping to me
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Well an ex sample of Stereotyping would be.. Well when you walk down the street you probably sometimes think "What planet did he come from", or, "What a weirdo". Now that you have noticed that someone is talking about it, you know you have done it now. That is Stereotyping.
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Ya thats mine and my name is Cally and i go the school nere Gravenhurst! My friends should know who i am!

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