What Is Meant By Commutator?


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The word commutator is defined as a device which is used for the purpose of accomplishing time-division multiplexing, which is abbreviated as TDM. TDM is accomplished by the technique of repetitive sequential switching. A commutator is also used to define that part of a direct current generator (which is abbreviated as DC generator) which rotates.

A commutator refers to the instrument which is used to measure the degree of the list of ships. It is mounted on the armature shaft. It consists of a number of segments which are made of copper and shaped like wedges. These are arranged around the shaft.

These wedge-shaped copper segments are insulated from the shaft and also from each other. The motor brushes ride along the periphery of the commutator. They electrically connect and switch the armature coils to the source of power. It connects stationary carbon brushes to an electrical circuit and rotates.

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