What Does The Acronym Cbc Mean?


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Canadian born chinese
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Cbc is an acronym used for the Christian Biblical Council. It was a fragmented group of the Way International that was led by Vince Finnigan. It remained as a part of the New York Limb until the leader Craig Martindale had expelled the New York Limb's leadership from the Way International all over New York. It was done due to the differences in the leadership.

The working of the Christian Biblical Council is with John Mc Cave's "Christian Outreach Fellowship". There were two parts of the New York Limb. They were Biblical Christian Living by Glenn Post and Christian Biblical Council by Gary Gudlin. The latter one changed its name to Living Hope towards the end of the Family Camp in the year 2005.
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Slight correction: Gary Gudlin group was Christian Biblical Resources. Christian Biblical Counsel was Vince Finnegan's group, which changed its name to Living Hope.
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It means as it says christian biblical resources by Gary Gudlin.   A scary group that made my son disown his family to become a member.   Gays aren't allowed and rejected as well as people who believe in the trinity doctrine as I do.

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