What Does The Word Aqua Mean?


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Aqua means water (h2o) or a fluid of some sort .
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The noun ' aqua' basically means water but it can also mean a liquid or a solution with a greenish blue colour. The adjective aqua is used to describe the color of something which resembles the color of sea water, that is it refers to the sea blue color of water. As an adjective it can be used in this way:
' Her eyes were a clear aqua blue'
Some examples of the adjective aqua are: Aqua ammonia, that is the solution of ammonia, aqua tofana, that is a fluid containing arsenic used for poisoning invented by a female named Tofana, aqua regia, which is a corrosive micture of hidrochloric acid and nitric acid and can disolve gold and so on.

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