What Do Docks Mean?


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As a noun docks usually refers a group of piers situated on a commercial waterfront which are a general landing zone for vessels. It could refer to the area of water located between two piers or that which is alongside the pier. The term could denote the actual pier; or a wharf. It could be a platform where trucks or trains stopover to load or unload cargo.

'Docks' as a transitive verb means maneuvering into or right next to a dock (generally applied to a vessel or vehicle). It could mean to couple in space. As an intransitive verb it means moving or coming into a dock.

As a noun it could also mean the solid or fleshy section of an animal's tail; or an animal's tail after having been bobbed or clipped. As a transitive verb in this context it means clipping short or cutting off. Another meaning is depriving someone of a benefit or perhaps a part of the wages, particularly as a punishment.

A dock is also the term for the enclosed place in a court of law in which the defendant is made to stand or sit.

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