What does being critical mean?


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Being critical means passing judgment on something, or making comments that reveal the opinion of the person who is being critical. It is usual thorough and detailed. Criticism does not have to be negative, however, though it very often is.

  • Negative criticism

Negative criticism means that someone is giving their opinion on something another person is doing, has done, or has said, or their appearance, for example, that they do not like. It can often have the effect of upsetting the person who is being criticized and, if it happens often, can seriously damage that person's self esteem, which can have very damaging consequences.

  • Positive criticism

This is still commenting on something that involves another person but it is more gently given and it is intended to help rather than wound. An example of positive, or constructive, criticism is when groups of people get together to discuss some work that they have done, painting or writing, for instance.

The other people  in the group can study the work and make comments that they feel would improve the work, and this can  be tempered by positive comments about what they feel is good about the work. The intention is that the person can move forward and feel good about themselves and provide better pieces of work.

  • Critical studies

Critical studies can be undertaken for a lot of things, but one example is aliterary critique. This means that a piece of literature is studied in depth, sometimes by applying different theories, so that the person, or people studying it, can achieve a greater understanding of it.

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