What Does "Clinical Correlation Is Indicated" Mean? And "Critical Value"? Thanks Much?


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"CLINICAL CORRELATION IS INDICATED" is a warning often found on biological test package inserts:  www.omsj.org  The statement means that clinicians (i.e. Doctors, nurse practitioners) MUST rely on OBSERVABLE SYMPTOMS to establish whether a patient is sick or not.  The concept is not unlike police who stop suspected drunk drivers and speeders.   After observing bad driving, an officer may stop a motorist.  If the driver exhibits SYMPTOMS of intoxication (i.e. Red, watery eyes, slurred speech, poor dexterity) the officer can ask the driver to perform other coordination tests.  AFTER the driver fails those tests - AND AFTER the officer renders a competent opinion regarding the driver's intoxication, the officer can arrest the driver and compel him to submit to a biological test.  This test is NOT used to establish intoxication, but to CORROBORATE THE OFFICER'S OBSERVATION AND OPINION.  Another example is RADAR, which is used to enforce speed limits.  Officers use RADAR to CORROBORATE THEIR PERSONAL OBSERVATIONS.  This means that officers who observe a car traveling at 30 MPH cannot cite the driver if his RADAR device indicates a 100mph reading.  Like RADAR, biological tests are intended to CORROBORATE clinical observations.  If a patient presents no symptoms, the test result must be viewed as spurious and unreliable.

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