What Does Discovery Mean?


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Discovery means to bring to light or "unearth." Usually the word "discovery" has been used with reference to explorers and philosophers. There is a subtle difference between the word "discovery" and "invention." Invention happens when someone for instance, a scientist creates something for the very first time. In discovery, the place or the thing is already there, waiting to be explored or found out. For example, we know that Vasco da Gama discovered the Cape of Good Hope. This done not imply that he created that place; it was there, he merely explored and found the place.

In legal parlance, discovery related to obligatory disclosure of relevant facts to the opposing party in a civil court before the trial begins. The discovery may be in the form of written interrogation written from one party to the other. It can also be done when a witness is sworn and is subjected to questions in the presence of both the attorneys. Incidentally, Discovery is also the name of the space shuttle from NASA which completed its maiden voyage in the year 1988 and restored public faith in space program after the Challenger tragedy. Discovery is also the name of a popular television channel for education and information.

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