What Is The Meaning Of Demi?


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The word "demi" signifies "half." It has a French origin, where the word "demi" means half or lesser compared to the other. There are variations of the word "demi" like "demi sec" and "demi god." Demi sec means "half dry," a term used to represent wine which tastes sweet.

The term demigod applies in present times, to a well known hacker. He can be a person of considerable repute, and is credited with the making at least one game or software for the hacker community. The original meaning of demigod in Greek mythology referred to "half-god" whose one parent was a human and the other was god. The descendants of fallen angels are referred to as "demigods" in Bible. The contemporary meaning of demigod also extends to someone who is honored to the highest and revered. City founders, historic figures, people who have attained cult status and even extremely popular celebrities in some cultures are given the status of demigods.
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Demi is usually a girls name and is generally pronounced as DEH-mee, deh-MEE. It roots down its origin to French ad English and it literally means "half." The four variants of this name are Demee, Demia, Demiana and Demie. And other similar names are Damia, Dama, Dumia and Tami. It is given to a girl as a first name. It is also the short from for Demetria.

Some of the famous personalities with this name are Demi Moore (an American actress), Demi Lovato (a dancer, singer, and actress), to name a few. Some of the Fictional Characters are Demi - a female android from the video game Phantasy Star IV and Demi Miller - a character in the BBC soap opera, EastEnders.
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Demi mean half in french

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