What Does Cloud Mean In Hebrew?


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Anan means cloud in Hebrew. In the Old Testament we see how clouds signify the divine presence. The Hebrew texts reveal that the cloud metaphorically meant "a covering." Several chapters from the Old Testament like the Exodus, Numbers, Jobs and the Psalms testify the Divine presence in the form of clouds. A "cloud without rain" is a Hebrew saying for someone who does not keep his promise (Isahiah Chapter 25:5 ) A "bright cloud" is symbolic for the Divine presence(Exodus 29: 42)

The Old Testament makes use of eight diverse Hebrew words in 167 passages to refer to clouds of dust, smoke, rain, storm, and fog. Clouds also symbolize changeability and transition (Job 30:15; Isaiah 44:22; Hosea 6:4). The prophesy of the Christ coming the second time is described as "coming in the clouds." (Acts 1:9 and Acts 1:11).

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