What Does Jordan Mean In Arabic?


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Is jordan a muslim name
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In Arabic, Jordan is translated as Al-Urdunn. The country of Jordan is officially called as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Jordan is a country populated largely by Arabs. The country of Jordan shares its history and the coastline of Dead Sea with Israel which is located to its west. The present day Jordan was once a part of the Israeli Empire under the kingdom of Solomon and David in 1000 BC.

The country with a population of more than 5,450,000 has about one third of the population as Palestinian Arabs who left Israel and West Bank to come to Jordan during the series of Arab-Israeli wars. Jordan is a unisexual name which can suit a boy or a girl. It means "down-flowing" in Hebrew. Only one tenth of the land is arable while the rest is desert. Over 95 percent of the populace is Muslims (Sunni Muslims) while the rest are Christians.

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