What Year Was NASA Formed?


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NASA, short for National Aeronautics and Space Administration, came into being on the 29th of July 1958 as a direct response to a perceived threat of lagging behind (to the Soviet Union) in the space exploration game. It was the National Aeronautics Space Act that was primarily responsible for its formation. The act, taken under the Eisenhower administration, was signed on 29th July, 1958, a short while after the launch of Sputnik, the Soviet Union's orbital satellite and the mankind's first tryst with space.
NASA's non military operations began in the October of 1958, some of which were the renowned Apollo and Mercury programs. Prior to these developments, exploring space had been seen as something that was deemed necessary only for military purposes. NASA is one of the premier space agencies in the world and enjoys funds that amount to approximately 16 million dollars every year.
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