What Does Automatic Processing Mean?


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Automatic processing is a term used to describe the capability of the Universal Licensing System (which is abbreviated and more commonly known as the ULS) to process a request. These requests are used filed by applicants. Automatic processing is a computerised job and eliminates the need for intervention by the members of the staff of the ULS.

Automatic processing is a term used by psychologists to refer to the processing of a large amount of information. This information is crucial to the psychologists because it guides the behavioural pattern of a human being. The process of automatic processing is, of course, without conscious awareness on the part of the patient and without the interference with other activities that may be going on at the same point of time. The activities that go on simultaneously while the process of automatic processing is on are known as conscious processing.

Automatic processing is defined as the perception or recognition of stimuli that has a high level of learning and understanding of a concept beforehand. It requires little or no capacity for processing.

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