What Are The Five Greek Words For Power?


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There are five words in the Greek language that can be used as a synonym for the English word power.  The five words are sthenos, dunamis, exousia, megaleioths, and ceir. These words can be substituted for the word power in many forms of writing, mostly novels or academia, to add a classic flair to your writing. Here is a short run-down on their exact meanings and history as well as other translations. 

Sthenos translates most closely to the English word forceful. It is also the name of the eldest of the Gorgons, fearsome female monsters from Greek mythology. Dunamis is a Greek word for power that can be translated in a number of different ways depending on the context. It can also be translated as potent, ability, capability, and force.   Exousia is yet another Greek word that can be translated to power, as well as a number of other similar words depending on context. 

Megaleioths is the 4th Greek word that can used as a synonym for the English word power.  It is the root of the modern English word megalith, which is a large stone structure with interlinking stones that is known for its toughness and ability to stand the test of time and Mother Nature. The final Greek word that can be translated as the English word power is ceir. Like the other four Greek words which can be translated to the English word power, it can also be translated to many other similar English words depending on the context of the use of the word. 

Add some classical Greek to your writing style when you use one of these five Greek words which can be translated to the English for power, any of which will add meaning to your academic, fiction, biographical or non-fiction writing for more emphasis.
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Greek is one of the world's oldest and richest languages. The word power can be translation in Greek as follows:
For reference see the link below:
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The Greek word for power is "dynameos" or "dynamis" (origin of our word dynamo.) If you go to

you can find the Greek spelling of the word.

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