What Does The Name Diane Mean?


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Diane is a French version of the old Latin name Diana. This name is of uncertain origin, though its roots are very old and may come from the same origin as the name Jupiter, king of the gods. In roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of the moon. She was also the goddess of hunting (like the ancient Greek goddess Artemis.) Diana lived in the forest with her maidens; she was pictured as a beautiful virgin, and men who tried to approach her or harm her favourite animals were punished.

Other variants of this name include Dianne and (especially in the US) Dyan. At one time the name Diane was more popular in Britain than Diana, but the Latin name became more common again due to the popularity of the late Princess Diana.
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Was diana mean
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Diane is a well known female given name; it is a variant of Diana, similar-sounding child name suggestion for the name Diane is Dane, Deane, Dyane, Dianne, Diann, Dian, Dione, etc.

Diane is well known first name and quiet a rare surname. Diane is also the name of well known 1956 movie based on the life of Diane de Poitiers. The movie was directed by David Miller and was produced by Edwin H. Knopf. The script of the movie was written by Christopher Isherwood inspired from a story written by John Erskine.

The movie had Lana Turner, Pedro Armendariz, Roger Moore, Marisa Pavan along with Cedrick Hardwickle, Torin Thatcher, Tania Elg, John Lupton, Henry Daniell, and Melville Cooper playing the main roles. Diane was said to be the final role of Lana Turner after being contracted with the studio for a total of eighteen years.
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My name is Dianne and it sounds like it means that you are a fighter. But that doesn't sound like me, it sounds like my last name, but it's cool.

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