What Does My Name Rhianne Mean?


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Rhianne (and another variant, Rheanna) are both more modern forms of the old Welsh name Rhiannon. In Celtic mythology, Rhiannon was a goddess associated with the moon ( a bit like the Roman goddess Diana) and she is mentioned in the Mabinogion, the book of ancient Welsh myths and legends. The name was not used as a given name before the 20th century, when a lot of old Welsh names became popular as part of a growing interest in Celtic culture.

Originally the name Rhiannon probably derives from the Old Celtic Rigantona, or "great queen." The spelling "Rhianne" is probably partly influenced by the popularity of the name Diane or Dianne in the 20th century - which is very appropriate, as they were both originally the names of moon goddesses.
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My name Rhianna means being bossy and kind Rhianna is very clever and like the outdoors

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