Which country code is 0078?


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After several hours of very careful and detailed research, it has been determined that 0078 is not a code for any country. Not knowing where this number came from, or what else it entails, this leads to one of three possible conclusions:

One is that the enquirer was either accidentally or deliberately given a wrong number, in which case he or she will have to contact the source of the number to try and get the correct code.

Possibility two is that the question was asked purely out of curiosity as to whether there is such a country code, in which case the answer is a simple no, there isn't.

The third conclusion is that the enquirer may be mistaking an NDC, or National Drug Code, for a phone number. NDC codes are used to identify drugs for use on humans.

The 1972 Drug listing act requires all registered drug companies to provide the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration, with an updated list of all the drugs manufactured, processed, prepared and distributed by the respective companies.

Every listed product has a unique NDC number, consisting of 10 digits, which are arranged in three segments. These segments will be configured either as XXXX-XXXX-XX, XXXXX-XXX-XX or XXXXX-XXXX-X.

The first segment indicates the FDA Company Code, while the second segment, the product code, identifies dosage, strength and formulation for the particular company. Section three identifies the package code, indicating types and sizes. 

Both product and package codes are usually assigned by the company.

Assuming that the number in question is 0078-0401-34, for example, the company's NDC code is 0078, identifying it as the Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp in East Hanover, NJ, USA.

0401 consequently refers to the actual product at hand, the specified dosage and formulation, while the 34 is the package code.

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