Which Country Code Is This +23?


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International calling codes or IDDs (International Direct Dialing) are imperative if you are wishing to make a call from one country to another. Each country has been designated a dialing code depending on where they are in the world. These IDDs prefix a telephone number when dialing to ensure that the right phone in the right country is being reached.

  • What country is code +23?

The dialing code +23 does not exist as a number on its own. The nearest number is dialing code +230 and this is the dialing code for the country of Mauritius. As a general rule the dialing codes are split by continent. Therefore, a dialing code beginning with +1 is usually North America, +2 can be attributed to Africa whilst +3 and +4 cover Europe. The +5 dialing code is mostly South America whilst +6 is Australasia. The code +7 relates to Northern Asia (including Russia, Kazakhstan and Abkhazia) and +8 refer to Eastern Asia including Japan, Nepal, Vietnam and South Korea. The +9 code then refers to Southern Asia and some of the western most points of Europe such as Turkey, India, Iraq and Israel.

  • What else could +23 be?

There are 10 countries with dialing codes beginning with +23, and the number you are after could be referring to one of these countries.

As previously stated, +230 is Mauritius whilst +231 is Liberia and +232 is Sierra Leone. For +233 you will be contacting Ghana, +234 is Nigeria and +235 is Chad. The dialing code +236 refers to the Central African Republic, +237 is the dialing code of Cameroon, the code +238 relates to the country of Cape Verde and finally +239 will dial to Sao Tome and Principe. I hope that the code you are after is one of these numbers.
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+23 is not a full code. There are 10 countries that have +23 in their code. They are:
230: Mauritius
231: Liberia
232: Sierra Leone
233: Ghana
234: Nigeria
235: Chad
236: Central African Republic
237: Cameroon
238: Cape Verde Islands
239: Sao Tome & Principe
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