Which Country Code Is 0088?


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I received a call from +8801929362017. From which country is this?
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Easy its bangladesh!!
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Its from an indian call centre.... Usually chasing you for money.  Just don't answer!!
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Today . I found a missed call on my phone ..... From this number ...  00888888888888 ???!!!  
  Anyone know from where this number ?
My name is hassan from Egypt ...
THANK you ...
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First of all let me make it clear that this is not a country code. It is Migrant's residence district code in the United Kingdom.

This is the code of 'East Kilbridge' followed by several other similar codes:

  • Lanark  0086
  • Hamilton  0087
  • East Kilbridge  0088
  • Cunninghame  0091
  • Kilmarnock & Loudoun  0092
  • Kyle and Carrick  0093
  • Cumnock & Doon Valley  0094
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I found a miss call on my phon from this No 0088627496050.so,anyone know from where this No please?

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