What Does The Last Name Jones Mean?


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It means gracious
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Jones Surname Origin(origin Hebrew) The son of John, the same as John or Johns, and signifies gracious.
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The best explanation I've heard is that it comes from the time of King John, which could also be spelled Jon. If a new recruit had no last name, he was be given the name Jon's, or Jones. In other words, the soldier would be one of King Jon's men. That account fits well with the large number of Joneses in the world today. That said, I cannot say that is the real answer.
H Jones.
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The first name Jones is of Hebrew nature and it means God's grace. The last name Jones is of English and Welsh origin and very popular in Wales and southern central England.
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The origin of the surname Jones is English and Welsh-Celtic.  The meaning of the name is similar in both instances.  The English meaning is itself derived from the Hebrew name "Johanan," meaning "Jehovah has favored."  The Welsh-Celtic meaning has
its roots in Christianity. This surname comes from the personal name
John, which is derived from the Latin Johannes, meaning "Yahweh is
gracious." Good luck.
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Well To be honest I don't know...
But I have heard like the top have said,That it was part royalty...
And it is popular in england and Other places!

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