What Does The Name Quincy Mean?


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Quincy is a common first name for both girls and boys. It is also a surname. It means 'estate of the fifth son'. It is of Old French origin and was derived form a Roman clan name. It is pronounced Kwin-See. It only has three variants namely Quincey, Quin and Quinsy.

It is also the name of several places in America. Places called Quincy in the United States of America include the Quincy in California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, New Mexico, Washington, Wisconsin and another in Michigan.

There are also several famous personalities with the name Quincy. Quincy was the middle name of the 6th American President John Quincy Adams. Quincy Jones is a well known American musician, songwriter, film, record and television producer. There are many American naval vessels called USS Quincy.

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