How Do You Say Kiss Me I'm Hot In Tagalog?


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Tagalog's official name is actually Filipino, and the phrase 'Kiss me I'm hot' in Tagalog is said as follows: 

Kiss: Halik

Me: Sa akin

I: Ako

Am: Am

Hot: Mainit

The language of Tagalog is spoken only by a quarter of the population of the Philippines as their first language. But most of the population have it as their second language and can still speak it fluently.

The red parts of the map show where people speak it as their first language.

It is one of the Philippines official languages, I was surprised to find out that the other official language is actually English!

In the future, if you need to translate any other phrases from English into Tagalog, there is a simple method that will allow you to translate it yourself.

There are quite a few free translation website which allow to you type in the text that you wish to translate and the site will do it for you. Be aware with these sites though that they are not always accurate. Especially when you wish to translate long passages of text.

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