How To Say Sexy In Tagalog?


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“Maalindog” is the word for say “sexy” in Tagalog. 

Keep in mind, however, that “sexy” has become quite a common phrase in the Philippines, so you might not even have to translate the word at all in order to be understood. There are many languages that have now incorporated the word "sexy" into their own dialogues.

But, if you are intent on using original Tagalog, then here's a few pointers for when you're using the word "sexy":

  • If you are calling a man sexy, you might say: “am-pogi mo”
  • If you are speaking to a woman, you would say: “ang ganda mo”

This actually means “you are beautiful”, but it is the more common translation of the phrase “you are sexy”.

If you are searching for other, common Tagalog sayings, I'd recommend paying a visit to for some help.

Learning a new language begins one word at a time, so be sure to keep practicing and you will be a fluent Tagalog-speaker in no time at all.

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