What Is The Meaning Of 'Sadka'?


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Sadka literally means 'giving voluntarily in the name of God'.

  • Sadka Kiya

Sadka Kiya is a song. For those who have heard the song and enjoyed it, you may be wondering what it means. The meaning of the song can be somewhat surprising to those that are not aware of the language translation. Sadka means 'giving voluntarily in the name of God'. So, Sadka Kiya Yoon Ishq Ka will mean that the person has given love in abundance to the one who takes. The rest of the meaning is that the giver will bow their head, and this is when the one takes the love being offered.

The meaning was found at It is the only site that we could find offering the full meaning. It is a review site of music and movies. It can be a bit tough to understand the meaning based on the translation.

  • Translating Words
Translating words from one language to English is not always easy. This is because words in other languages can have multiple meanings. In Hindu, a word can literally have two to three meanings. It is a bit tough to decide what meaning will best fit the situation for translators especially if they are closely related or one word seems to make more sense.

There is a lot of talk online about the song and what it means. As a romantic song, one can take the meaning to imply a love relationship between husband and wife rather than God, though Sadka does mean giving to God voluntarily. It is all in how one wishes to perceive the meaning based on the context the song is in for the moment. As a new generation romantic song, there are those who feel it is also a bit sweet and vintage.

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