What Does My Name, Skye, Mean?


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You are named after the Isle of Skye, which lies off the north west coast of Scotland. It is one of the best known of the Inner Hebrides group of islands and is celebrated in the 'Skye boat song'. (The island is now linked to the mainland by road bridge, but you can still take a small passenger ferry across during the summer months.)

The Isle of Skye, or Eilean Sgitheanach in Scots Gaelic. Interestingly, the sgaith part of the name means winged. But Skye has long had a nickname.

The island, the largest and most northerly of the Inner Hebrides, is often throughout history and up until today been alternatively known as the Misty Isle, or Eilean a' Cheò in Scots Gaelic.

The origins of the Isle of Skye's name is partially obscured but are thought to stretch back to Viking times. Skye is believed to derive from the Old Norse word, Skið which can variously mean sky or cloud.

So you could say your name means sky, cloud, misty or a mixture of all three.
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The word 'Skye' can trace its origin in the name of a place in Scotland and the name of the place is a variant of the word 'Sky', though it expresses itself in a different form.

The word is rarely being used as a first name but as a surname the word is quite popular and you can find several people who are the bearers of this surname and they are doing quite well in their respective area of expertise.

The word 'Skye' is not the only one that is being used as variant of the name of the place and you can find another word that can seek its derivation in the word sky. The variant is the word 'Skie' and sometimes 'Sky' itself is used as a surname of a person.
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Cloud or a scholar
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My names Skye X) Yay! Lol everyone I see is like "oh my god your name is beautiful :)"
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It means beautiful
and its a lovely name

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