What Does The Name Darius Mean?


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The name Darius is of Persian origin. It means "He Possesses", "Upholder of Good". Other meanings, although unofficial, refers to King and Rich. It is a popular name in English and Persian speaking countries.
Darius, also known as, Darius the Great was Persian king in 521 to 486 BC. He was great financier
and famous fighter especially in fights at against the Greek at Marathon.
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You cool my name means all if that guess what the persian king darius ( also called dariush dar- you-sh) is actually my great great great great ( you no what I mean many greats ago) grandfather!!! I'm not lying the stories and truth were passed on from generation up until ne
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My name is darius and it comes from Portia
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The name Dharius means loyality and it's a very blah blah blah o don't know what the hell it means

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