What Does Paramecium Mean?


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Paramecium is a popular genus of ciliate protozoa. The cells of the paramecium usually resemble a slipper, though the shape can vary. These protozoans are single-celled and range from 50 to 300 km in length, depending on species. Paramecium is rampant in fresh water surroundings and is usually known to thrive in scum.

The body of the paramecium is surrounded by a pellicle or a rigid protein coating, concealed with hundreds of cilia that help them in movement and also to help them direct food particles and bacteria into their oral groove. The food vacuoles in their bodies of paramecia are known to be the centres of digestion. There are three vacuoles at the ends of the cell body which expand and contract to discharge wastes and unwanted fluid. The macronucleus in the body is associated with metabolic activities and the micronucleus maintains the genetic material responsible for reproduction.

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