What Is Monoculture?


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Monoculture describes systems with low diversity and can be used in several contexts.

In agriculture, it describes the practice of relying on a small number of genetic variants of a food crop for commercial agriculture.

In forestry, it refers to the planting of only a single species of tree instead of trying to encourage a diverse range of trees.

Lawns and most field crops can also be defined as monocultures as is the situation where a single species of farm animal is raised in large-scale production operations.

In the context of sociology, monoculture is defined as where everyone is wearing, doing, seeing, reading, watching and thinking the same thing and in computer science, it is a situation where any computer system is used almost universally. It could be argued that Microsoft have created a monoculture as a huge majority of computers are running Windows. That means that a huge number of computers that are connected to the internet have the same vulnerabilities as each other.

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