What Is A Mixture?


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Mixture is a combination of two or more substances. But we can't always assume that a mixture is inseparable. That is based on the kind of mixture. Basically there are two kinds of mixtures- Homogenous & Heterogenous. Former is the inseparable compounds while the latter can be separated. Homogenous can also be separated in some cases but it requires some technical process.
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Mixture is when substance formed without chemical reaction: A substance consisting of two
or more substances that have been combined without chemical bonding taking place
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Technically a mixture is two or more substances which have been blended or 'mixed' and there is no change in their character or chemical make up. So they remain chemically the same, despite being mixed together. This is basically the opposite of a chemical reaction, where two (or more substances) will combine to alter their chemical make up.

In simple terms, the ingredients of a cake are 'mixed together' and the mixture is then put into the oven. Heat then triggers chemical alterations to the mixture, making it into a cake. When the chemicals begin to interact together, then the mixture ceases to be a mixture and is in technical terms transformed into a cake.

The term mixture also has a long history of being a term for a medicinal preparation. Thus instead of going to the doctor, in historic times, a sick person would seek a 'mixture' to cure them.
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Mixtures are formed when two substances are added together without chemical bonds being formed. Example of the mixtures include muddy water and air. Air is made up of gases, such as nitrogen and oxygen mixed together. Mixtures can be made up of elements and compounds. The components of a mixture are not fixed. They can be present in any ratio.

The components of a mixture can be separated by physical means, like filtration, distillation and chromatography. The chemical properties of the mixture are the same as those of its components. No chemical reaction takes place where a mixture is formed, usually there is no energy change involved. The components of a mixture can be mixed in any proportion.
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Material containing at least two kinds of pure substances.
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It means the same thing as like two or more things mixed together.for example chocolate milk is a mixture of milk and chocolate

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