How Do You Define Administrative Law?


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The law regulating the power, procedures and acts of public administration is called administrative law. Its application is accepted to all public officials and public agencies. Administrative law is quite different from legislative and judicial laws. Administrative authorities are entitled the power to issue rules and regulations based on status, grant licenses and permits to facilitate the conduct of government business. Administrative authority entails the power to initiate investigations of and provide remedies for complaints or problems and issue orders directing parties to conform to government officials with quasi-judicial powers. These powers involve the authority to conduct hearings, make findings of fact and recommend resolution of disputes concerning the agency's actions.
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The body of law that governs the administration and regulation of government agencies (both federal and state). Created by Congress (or the state legislature) it encompasses the procedures under which these agencies operate as well as external constraints upon them. Administrative law is considered a branch of public law and is often referred to as regulatory law.
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It is the branch of law relating to the discharge of functions of a public nature in government and public administration.

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