How Do You Say Compliments In Welsh?


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In Welsh, the word 'compliments' translates to canmoliaeth which is roughly pronounced as 'can - mol - ya'.

For translations from English to a whole variety of languages, you should use Google translator which is completely free and can be found through this link: Just pick the language that you want to translate from and the language you want and the computer will do everything else for you. If you want to translate whole documents, then use the following link and proceed to upload the document that you want translated:

If you are visiting Wales and would like to try and experience some of the native culture and language, you should consider picking up a Welsh phrase book which could easily be found for quite cheap on a shopping website such as Amazon or any local bookstore. If you don't want to buy a full book and would just like to brush up on a couple of phrases, then the following website will be helpful as it contains a list of useful Welsh phrases: A downside to using a website over a book is that there is not usually any guidance on how to pronounce certain words.

Although Welsh is considered to be a minority language, it is a living language and is still widely spoken across Wales and is used by hundreds of thousands of people in conversations. In fact, in 2001 21.7 per cent of Wales' population were able to speak Welsh and of that percentage, 57 per cent were fluent in the language.

Welsh speakers can also be found along the border that divides Wales from England although speakers in England are considered to be rarer than those who live in Wales.

Welsh is spoken quite commonly found in the Chubut province of Argentina, as well as parts of the United States of America and Canada.

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