How Do You Do Spell The Name Shir In Hebrew?


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The name Shir is a Hebrew pronunciation in English but the actual word for Shir is ריש. Do you know the meaning of this word? It means song. You can come across this word in a Hebrew song contest. It was a Eurovision Song Contest held in 1977 and was titled Ahava Hi Shir Lishnayim. The Hebrew words for the title are םיינשל ריש איהההא. The English translation for it is 'love is song for two'.

The name 'shir' is used as female name. This name 'shir' has a Jewish origin. Other name that is similar to Shir is Shira. Shira means 'singing' or 'poetry'. This meaning is also Hebrew in origin. This name Shir (song) certainly has a musical quality inherent in it and the individual possessing this name is bound to possess heart or ears for music.

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