What Is The Difference Between Voting By Hands And Poll?


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The terms are used in corporate law to distinguish between types of votes at general meetings of shareholders.
A vote on a show of hands just counts up the PEOPLE voting for and against. It takes no account of the number of votes that each voter may have.  
A poll vote takes into account the number of shares that a voter has.

This is why votes are normally held as a show of hands where there is unlikely to be any opposition and why typically any two shareholders together, or any one shareholder holding more than 10% of the vote may force a vote to be taken by poll.

Why, one might ask, do companies have votes on a show-of-hands?  The answer is that it is quicker and simpler to manage and for things like the election of directors, auditors etc the business can get done in a minute or two rather than checking the number of shares exercised by each voter.  In small companies it might not make much difference - you can quickly see that the scales involved make this quickly impractical.
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A poll would generally indicate a vote is taken in secret, where people are allowed to vote how they please. The vote is then counted, checked and announced. A poll can also be conducted by phone or other media where a mark is indicated/entered for the persons response which is counted later - all vote are counted in this method, even the abstentions or spoils.

With hand voting there are two methods, when asked those for, either hands are raised and a rough count made or there is a chorus or "Aye's" voiced, then the question those against is asked, again hands are raised and a rough count made or there is a chorus of "Nay's" voiced. In both cases either the highest number of hands or most voices carry the result. The problem with this is that not everyone may be counted or hear so if it is a close vote it may be difficult to get an accurate count.
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Voting by hand is a rough measure as some one may be counted or some one may vote for both .
Voting by poll is an accurate measure as electronically the votes are counted and the people get to vote as many times they want and this also creates excitement and a challenge
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Polls are done at random from the ones THAT VOTED IN THE LAST ELECTION, only!
And then ONLY those who are HOME, or allow it!
ALL the NEW voters are not even considered!
That includes MOST of the below, TOO!

If you you have a show of hands vote then you're ruling out ALL the MAIL IN VOTES, the BED RIDDEN, HANDICAPPED confined to where ever, The Hospitalized, SERVING in the MILITARY, AND THE SHIFT WORKERS!!!!

This is WHY I'm totally against the Caucus Vote! TOO!
If YOU'VE RULED OUT all the above, THEN what good is it?
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Poll can be a verb - to cast a vote. A noun - a place to cast a vote. A verb - to request a vote. A verb - to take an opinion sample. A noun - the entire election process. A noun - the total number of votes cast in an election.

A "show of hands" is to taking a vote by counting the number of hands raised in response to the item in question.

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