What Does Delivered As A Deed Mean?


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A legal act of transferring property from one person to another is called "deliver as a deed." Appropriate delivery of a deed from the grantor to the grantee in the manner prescribed by the requisite law is necessary for its efficiency. The person who transfers the property or the grantor must clearly give a written statement that implies his intention to have the property transferred. A mere intention to transfer does not pertain to the transferring of property. There should be some sort of act or conduct done substantiating the purpose of the transfer.

It is not necessary to physically transfer the deed to the beneficiary or the grantee. The grantor can even mail the deed. The delivery of the deed can also be done by the attorney of the grantor. In the absence of a degree stating the date, a deed usually becomes effective on the delivery date. A grantee having a physical possession of the deed does not amount to "delivered as a deed" unless the intention is voiced by the grantor on paper.

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