What Is The Plural Form Of The Word Cheese?


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While Anonymous has anonymously thrown his hat into the ring, his opinion, unsubstantiated by even his/her name, smells a bit cheesy.

Just to be sure I consulted both Fowler's Modern English Usage and Penguin Working Words but it's so obvious that neither of those standard works gave a reference. The plural of cheese is cheeses.

It's a very versatile word and can ply an overly-sentimental expression (cheesy) or the object of that thought (cheese and kisses is rhyming slang for Missus) as well as a diversity of great-tasting foodstuffs.

The Big Cheese is a name often given to an employer, or a dominant figure in society and, of course, that name naturally falls on the biggest Cheese of all...

The earliest use of cheeses as a plural can be found in the New Testament which ascribed this name to the deity. Had he been only one God, he'd have been called Cheese, but since he is a tripartite God he was given the plural form and has been known throughout history as Cheeses.


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How did you get sucked into a 6 year old question---lol

I googled "cheese plural" and of course got what you got.

Can't imagine why some say "cheese" is both singular and plural.
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I didn't realise it was old when I answered it. Joanna Parker found it and answered it and that brought it back to the current screen.
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Yeah---I did that once when I first got on here.

Sort of like showing up 2 hours late to the funeral to pay your respects.
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You say " A variety of cheeses" or "different types of cheese" depending on the previous grammar of a sentence.
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Saying "Cheeses" is not that accurate in any context. I think the plural would be "Cheese"

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No, cheeses is NOT grammatically correct.  Cheese is the plural form of cheese.  While many people use the word cheeses when describing different types of cheese, it is not proper English.

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