What Is The Plural Form Of The Word Leave?


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The word "leave" does have several definitions. As a verb it doesn't have a plural form. Apparently, in the subject-verb agreement "leave" takes the verb + "S" form that makes it appear plural (e. G. She leaves the house early.) However, the word leaves is also a homonym for the plural form of leaf. As a noun (that is, synonym for vacation or furlough), still it doesn't take the "S" form of the verb (e.g We took our leave for the prior to our honeymoon.)
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Leave on it's own won't have a plural form.  Leave is a verb so you can't really have two Leave.  But, you can have two things that leave, and so you need agreement.  For example: The boys leave at 7:00pm every evening.  In this case it is the noun "boys" that needs to be plural.  To simply answer the question, there isn't a plural form of leave.This site has a good article on subject and verb agreement.

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