What Does Dedication Mean?


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it means to understand your situation and show some passion

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Dedication for me is something that I do with a lot of effort and time to make it better then it can be. It's when I immerse myself with a lot sincerity into a certain subject. Thats what it means to me in my own life. Hope that helps.
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Sounds like when you dedicate yourself to a project or person, you put "all of you" into it. Great definition!
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To devote oneself to the means of another of to something and have strong desire to see it through,not to let feelings get in the way.
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I agree with "feelings". Sometimes you have to remain neutral on your own opinions in order to completely dedicate yourself to a project.
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Dedication refers to the proper setting apart of some thing by way of a solemn declaration. This word is derived from the Latin term dedication, in turn derived from the word dedicare which means to proclaim or announce. Because of the above definition, the term mainly applies when consecrating altars or other types of sacred structures, as well as prescriptions in a book and that which is addressed to another person that is, it is dedicated to another person. The latter usage, which originated as tool to obtain patronage for one's work, is now simply used as a symbol of love or respect.

In legal terms, the word dedication is used to signify the practice of setting apart by a private possessor of a road for usage by the public.
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You are a pillar of inspiration, robbie! And, in these days and times, it wonderful to know there are a few of us out there who can be trusted and counted on!
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I can think of dedication in several ways. It can be a voluntary obligation, loyalty to someone or something, a personal commitment, or a pledge.

Dedication can mean different things to different people. For me it's a matter pf principle, a personal rule of conduct. It also means that I can be counted on to behave in a certain way. I stand behind my word. I can be trusted.
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The state of being dedicated: Her dedication to medicine was so great that she had time for little else.

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