What Does "Computer Language "mean?


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It is the language using which we can control the execution or any program or functioning of the computer. It consists of standard commands like in DOS, to create copy of any file we use COPYCON command. This language also consists of syntax ,i.e. Proper use of commands.
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Computer language basically refers to the language that is used to communicate with computers. Programming languages are a type of computer language. Computer languages can be used for programming as well as for other purposes. There are various types of computer languages depending on their level of usage, type of usage and the extent of human readability. For more details see the link below:
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Computer language is a certain type of language you really don't have to spell everything right but if its a important business you got to but its a certain language
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It means to I'm or talk in slang languages like I Will c you tomorrow that's what it really is and thank you for asking

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