What Does Fwm Mean In Text Language?


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FWM in text language is 'Fine With Me'. This would normally be used when someone is planning to do something and so is a way of confirming they are happy with the plan and can fulfill the request made.

There are several reasons why people use 'text speak' when messaging:

• Abbreviating sentences and words helps include more into a message
• It helps create a language that is 'exclusive' to only people who are in the know
• It can be seen as a cool way of talking - rather like 'street talk'
• It is quicker to type as many people are rushing while texting

Text language really started due to the fact there used to be a restricted amount of characters you could use for a single text message and as there was a charge per text message people would try to squeeze it all into a single text. Therefore using OMG instead of typing Oh My God obviously helps keep the word count down.

However even though most phone contracts and now even pay as you go phones offer unlimited free text messages, the text language is still used - mainly out of habit. People also use it to save time as it is a lot quicker to type a text this way.

Some people such as teachers have shown concern about the rise of the text language and believes it could be detrimental to a student's writing and grammar skills. Teachers have admitted that they regularly come across text language spellings in actual school essays and exams - which is obviously worrying. They believe it can blur the lines between what is slang and what is used in essay and exam work.

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