What Is A Sensory Description?


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A sensory description describes objects in a manner that a person can relate to through any of their five senses: Smell, taste, sight, touch, and hearing. This manner of description is used in order to communicate to another person through word or writing a specific experience or event.

It is often said that the best writer are adept in providing sensory descriptions because it is through good use of this that stories and novels are best narrated. It helps the reader relate more to the story. By using the proper words and statements to describe what would normally be a concrete or abstract experience, the skilful use of the senses integrated into the story spells the powerful difference between for example, mentioning a person is eating a rich, crème-filled pie that melts once your teeth sinks into it, and simply eating pie. It requires the brain to use its sensory memory to engage with what is going on, and fully understand it.

There are a few principles involved if you want to use the sensory process effectively. The first is to use as many senses as possible in order to add depth into any story. This gives the reader a more holistic approach, and lets them seek feelings through the imagined use of more than one sense. Another point is when describing sounds, try to use words that sound as close to what you are describing: Such as the "pitter-patter” of rain; or the gentle crash of the waves against the shore. Furthermore, the use of strong action verbs also makes a big difference; for example, in choosing to use "noisy thunder” or "accompanied by long, rolling rumble of thunder”, the latter would prove to be more efficient in providing a sensory description. Lastly, make use of the names of certain body parts, which helps make the tale a more realistic event for your reader.
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Sensory description is when you describe what you feel.So basically see,touch,smell,taste and hear.
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As writers, we bring readers inside our stories by crafting artful and sensory sentences. If I simply stated, for example, that my father molested me, of course you’d think that’s sad, but you might not feel the sadness.

Or, if I simply told you that I once struggled with a sexual addiction, you’d probably think “that’s unfortunate.” But you wouldn’t feel my words, emotionally.

Here, for example, by using sensory language (from Love Sick) to describe a seedy motel room where I met a dange
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Sensory description: what I think it is a description of objects or things in such a way that relates to five senses. For example: it was such a nice smell that I could almost taste it.

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