What Does The Name Crispin Mean?


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Crispin is a boy's name, which is pronounced KRIS-pin, is of Latin origin. It is though to mean "curly-haired". It is believed to have its roots in Crispinus, which in turn is derived from Crispus, which is an old Roman family name. Children are mostly given the name in honour of Saint Crispin. A third-century martyr, Saint Crispin, had come to be regarded as the patron of shoemakers, particularly in England.

There are a number of variant forms of the name Crispin which include the names Crespin, Crepin, Crispian, Crispo, Crispino, Crispus and Crisspin.

Crispin was a Roman shoemaker who along with Saint Crispinian, his twin brother, aimed at spreading Christianity and was martyred. It was in the 6th century, that a church was constructed in their honour at Soissons.
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Well  I'm reading that book crispin by avi and I need to know what his name is for a question I have to anwser and I think it means something abut royalty.

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