What Is Meaning Of Stalker?


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The word stalker is commonly used when referring to unwanted, obsessive behaviour displayed by an individual who has developed a type of obsession with another individual. Stalking behaviour is similarly related to harassment and displaying characteristics of intimidation towards another person. However, the word stalking does display different various connotations, specifically in relation to psychology, psychiatry and additionally in some legal jurisdictions and in some cases, particularly legal cases, is branded as a criminal offence.  

However, there have been some issues in defining and similarly in branding the term stalker on different people who seemingly display evidence of this type of behaviour. The term stalker was notably first used to condemn the behaviour of those individuals who displayed an ‘unhealthy’ obsession with celebrities, defined in a general harassment sense. The type of behaviour can additionally be defined in terms of an individual who repeatedly follows, watches or shows any other type of harassment to another person.

Other behaviours include hoarding information of memento’s about the person that the individual has developed an unhealthy obsession with. Generally, the purpose of stalking is to attempt to force a relationship with someone who is unwilling or otherwise unavailable. Unlike other crimes, which usually involve one act, stalking is a series of actions that occur over a period of time. Even though stalking itself is illegal, the actual actions that contributes to the stalking, such as calling, sending gifts and emailing, are in fact legal. Though these particular actions in themselves do not actually cause any harm, if however, they are repeated on a series of time, there becomes a breech or invasion in an individual’s privacy, which can prove to be very damaging and at times has proven to be fatal.
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A stalker is somebody who wants ot know everything about you,
or sometimes they get payed for stalking for other people.
They listen to everything single conversation you have,
they listen to other people's conversations about you.
They follow you everywhere, and know where you are at all times.
They are creepy and never leave you alone.
I have one...
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A stalker is usually a person male or female who secretly follows you around watching your every move and makes you feel scared. It is usually someone who is obsessed with you and wants to be with you but can't.
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A stalker is anyone boy or girl (usually a late teen or adult) who follows you everywhere you go and knows everything about you. Be careful if you think someone is stalking you tell your parents teacher or friends
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A stalker is a person that follow's you admires you and watches you from afar but you may not know they are doing this or you may not even know who they are x :)
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Someone who is obsessed with you/ anyone!!!Creepy people!!!
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It's when someone watches you all the time without you knowing it (usually)
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Stalk means someone that follows you around all the time. If someone follows you all the time then they are a stalker and you are being stalked.
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A stalker is someone who gets to ups-esed about someone. They will take pics of the person and just get upsessed about them.
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A stalker is someone who secretly follows you everywhere you go or someone who watches you and eventually threatens you. So you should be careful.
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Stalking is To track prey, move threateningly or menacingly, and To follow or observe (a person) persistently, especially out of obsession or derangement. 
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A stalker is a person that secretly watches and follows you around and takes pictures of you and other things, there are different types of stalkers
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Stalker is someone who intend to harm you! They are like psychopath. Stalker is not a secret admire. A secret admire doesn't intend to harm you. Please, don't get it wrong! -.-
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Is a guy/girl after breaking up with his/her girlfriend/boyfriend who still tries to be around his/her girlfriend/boyfriend. Someone who continues to look after you even though you don't want to. And the person follows you almost everywhere you go. Thats the meaning if I am not wrong.
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A stalker is someone who follows you that you do not want the attention of and you need to start calling the police and getting a restraining order against them.
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The word stalker-iish or stalk means to follow, or look at for a long period of time, or a numerous amount of time. For example, I had signed onto my facebook, I had 2 friend request and 7 notifications. One of my notifications said ----- blank stalks your profile. Meaning that person who I have on my friends list on my famous book continously checks my page for updates, pictures, comments and recent activity. It is un sure whether this person likes me, or seeks attention for anonymous purposes
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It means that someone iis following them around and learning everything about the peron and trying to get close to them.
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It means to follow or watch someone (or something) with out the person (or thing) knowing
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When someone follows someone else because they feel the need to or are compelled to in a certain way, or they just follow as in follow
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The word stalked has two distinct meanings. On one hand it is botanically related meaning 'pedunculate' that is, growing from or having a stalk or punduncle. On the other hand the word stalked is a verb in the past tense meaning to repeatedly harass or invade someone's privacy in a manner that deliberately causes fear in its target.

In this context stalking may include repeatedly tailing someone, forcing unwanted contact on them, observing someone's actions intently for a prolonged period of time, contacting friends, family members or associates of the target in an inappropriate manner and cyber stalking. Many celebrities have suffered from the unwanted attentions of crazed fans that have turned into stalkers. Some examples include Pamela Anderson, Brad Pitt, Anna Kournikova and Hillary Duff to name a few.
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When you have to go to the store an
d some one keeps watching you and then you get scared and then at night the watch you through the window watch out
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Stalking means following a person and making a fool about your self which I should nt done in the frist place : (
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The word 'stalk' is used both as a noun and as a verb and its meaning as a noun is completely different from what it's meaning as a verb.

When you are using it as a noun it conveys the idea of a thin stem that plays the supportive role to a leaf, fruit or flower. The word can also be used for a long thin structure that plays a supportive role to hold the organs of some animals and then join it to another part of the body. The sentence that can make the meaning of the term very clear in this context is following: Crabs have their eyes on stalks.

When you are using the word as a verb it conveys the idea of the phenomenon of moving slowly and quietly when you intend to catch or kill somebody. Given below is as a sentence that can illustrate the meaning in this context: I photographed a lion stalking a deer.

The word can also be used figuratively when somebody illegally follows somebody for a long period which usually frightens the person who has been stalked

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