How Do You Spell Brothers In Latin?


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The Latin word for ‘brother’ is ‘frater’ and the plural ‘brothers’ translates as ‘fraters’. The Latin word could be used to describe a brother, sibling, friend or a lover and could refer to a brother of a religious community. Today, it is a word that is still used within the Christian religion to refer to a mendicant friar or a lay brother in a monastery or priory.

Mendicant friars are those who fare part of the mendicant orders. These orders are ones who depend directly on the charity of the people for their livelihood. They do not own any property as they believe that this is the most pure way of life to follow Jesus Christ. All of their time and energy is therefore used for religious work. The friars that may be referred to as ‘fraters’ are those who preach Gospel and serve the poor. Originally they would either belong to the order of Saint Dominic or the order of Saint Francis. Saint Dominic’s order focus was to combat the Cathar heresy in southern France. He did this by offering them a model of God that was active within the world. Francis’ main concern was a long period of personal conversion. The Middle Ages saw the established of five main mendicant orders. These were the Franciscans, the Carmelites, the Dominicans, the Servites and the Augustinians. These were recognised in 1274 by the Second Council of Lyons as the five ‘great’ orders and many others were suppressed. In time, members of these orders were gradually allowed to own property. Other mendicant orders that have existed include the Trinitarians, the Mercederians, the Minims, the Capuchins and the Discalced Carmelites. ‘Fraters’ who belong to a mendicant order are not necessarily Catholic or Christian, they term may in fact refer to members of mendicant orders within Buddhism or Hinduism.
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The Latin word for brother is frater. The plural form - brothers - is fratri (I think all -er nouns in Latin have this plural.)

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