Where Did The Name Gibson Come From?


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Surname Origin: German, Scottish

Alternate Surname Spellings: GIBBS, GIBBES

(Origin Scottish)

The root of the ancient Dairiadan-Scottish name Gibson is the given name Gibb, which is a diminutive form of the name Gilbert.

Historical recordings of the name Gibson include many spelling
variations. They are the result of repeated translations of the name of
Gaelic to English and inconsistencies in spelling rules. Gibson,
Gibsone, Gibsons, Gipson, Gibsoun, Gibbson, and many more.

First found in Galloway in south west Scotland where they were seated from very early times.

Descendents of Dalriadan-Scottish families still populate many
communities across North America. They are particularly common in
Canada, since many went north as United Empire Loyalists at the time of
America War of Independence. Much later in the late 19th and earlier
20th century the Highlands games and clan societies that now dot north
America sprang out, allowing many Scotts to recover their lost national
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Orville Gibson started the gibson guitar company

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