Where Did The Name Linda Come From?


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The name Linda is thought to come from a variety of possible origins, and I'll do my best to outline them below:

  1. One possible origin for the name Linda is the linden tree, derived from the Germanic word "lind".  This translates to "soft and tender".  The image of the linden tree is often used to represent a gentle personality.

  2. Linda may be derived from the mythical concept, ouroboros, under the term "Celt Lindworm".  Generally, the word lindworm translates to the Latin word "draco", which refers to a draconic creature such as a legendary dragon.
  3. More likely, Linda may originate from the neo Latin word "linda", which translates to "beautiful, pretty, cute".
  4. Finally, Linda may derive from Muchalina, which is the name of the snake-like creature that protected Buddha after his enlightenment.

Notable people with the name Linda

There are a fair few famous people with the name Linda, including the following:

  • Linda Barker - TV presenter
  • Linda Blaie - actress
  • Linda Hamilton - actress
  • Linda Vootman - Dutch politician

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