How Do You Teach Conversational English To Spanish Intermediate Students?


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Teaching Enlish to Spanish Speaking Intermediate level students can be a challenging, yet fun experience. There are of course many books, workbooks, activity and song books sold in bookstores, and in Teacher supply stores. However, for the creative teacher there are ways to achieve this goal without purchasing expensive materials, which may not really help.

I have found a number of websites and as a former teacher this is the way I would go about creating fun lesson plans for the children. If, they are enjoying the challenge you will enjoy it also.

Http://www/ is a site where you will find downloadable activities. I would begin with the UNO games. Kids love card games. You can create additional sets of cards similar to the set you download, using new pictures and word phrases. Recruit some upper grade students to volunteer to draw pages of cards for you, like the one you have downloaded. Give them the phrases; they draw the pictures for you. is a website with flashcards, worksheets, and games for teaching English. The great part about this and other sites is you will be teaching the English speaking students, correct grammar, and improving their skills as you teach the Spanish speaking students, if you have a mixed group.

Here is another site On this site you find all kinds of help. You can sign up for this site, then you have access to worksheets. You can design the sheet yourself. There is also access to activities for you to verbally give directions to your students online through this site. They come to the site, sign in to your webpage and listen to your voice giving them directions on the activities.

Finally, enter the words, "Teaching English to children" into your search bar, click and you will find more help from additional sites.

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