How Do You Say Chuck Roast In Spanish?


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Sara Lewis answered

Literally, "chuck roast" translated to Spanish is "chuck asado".

However... I would be wary of taking this at face value, some terms do not really have a like-for-like translation. 

A chuck roast is a colloquial term that originates from the US. There are english speakers in other countries who would need a translation as to what it is, let alone people who speak different languages! 

Chuck is a cut of meat, and not a term that is used in Spanish, and asado technically refers to barbecuing, or the social event of having a BBQ.

Rather than looking for a translation of the words, it might make better sense to look for a similar sort of dish in Spanish cooking: Carnes al horno is a dish where beef is slow roasted in the oven, so that is probably a more accurate translation of what you are looking for.

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