Is There A Chinese Symbol For "Only God Can Judge" Or "Only God Can Judge Me"?


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I don't think it's the right word. "老天有眼" means "remember: The god watch"
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The Chinese Symbol For Only God Can Judge Me 老天有眼' is pronounced the same . Danny The Sunlight and Sunshine . Are there any Sources for the Meaning of My Name .
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I am not sure about your question. Do you just need one Chinese symbol for the whole sentence? Or you want the translation for it? To be honest, its very difficult to find ONE single symbol to expess it, at least you need four symbols, which are '老天有眼', pronounced as 'lao tian you yan'.
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Are you sure that's correct? I am thinking about getting that going down my shoulder blade and I don't want it to not be right. Do you have a source?
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I think " 只有上帝能审判我" is right
which can pronounced " zhi you shang di neng sheng pan wo "
only means "只有"
god means "上帝"
can means "能"
judge means "审判"
me means "我"
also you can say "只有上帝能审判"

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