What Is The Symbol For Family?


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The question in which you are asking is not specific enough as there are hundreds and thousands of symbols that can be linked to the idea of family. Be it Celtic symbols, sign language, company logos or hieroglyphs. However below is a link to images, where you can find a range of different symbols which symbolise family:
A symbol is something such as a particular mark that represents some piece of information. For example, a red octagon may be a symbol for stop. On a map, a picture of a table might represent a campsite. Numerals are symbols for numbers. All languages consists of symbols. Personal names are symbols representing individuals.

Signs are also classed as symbols, with most symbols coming under the category of signs with the category of symbol being a side category. A sign is an entity that signifies another entity. A natural sign is an entity that bears a causal relation to the signified entity, as thunder is a sign or symbol of storm. A conventional sign signifies by agreement, as a full stop signifies the end of a sentence. However not all symbols are signs such as a symbol which stands for another thing, such as a flag may be a symbol of a nation but not a sign of anything.

The way in which a sign signifies is a topic in semiotics and philosophy of language.

Any given signifier or symbol is dependent upon that which is intended, expressed, or signified in a semiotic relationship of:

The signification, its significance, its overall meaning as well as the importance of it.

Therefore, for example, people may speak of the significance of events, the signification of characters, the meaning of sentences, or the import of communication. These different relationships that exist between sorts of signs can help people and sorts of things that are signified can be called the modes of signification.

The range of uses of signs are varied. They might include: The indication or mark of something, a display of a message i.e. A notice, a signal to draw attention, evidence of an underlying cause for instance, the symptoms of a disease are signs of the disease, a character for a mathematical operation, or a body gesture, etc.
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If you are talking about the celtic symbols, sometimes a simple image could remind you of a family member. Here is a link which has a list and design of such symbols:
family symbols
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This is a very intresting question. I ran across a intresting website called the universal family flag. This site says that it is the very first universal family flag in the world. I find this intresting because I have never heard of a universal family flag, actully I think is is a powerful concept. While at this site I also saw that this same group claim to have created the very first universal symbol for family. And I understand that it doubles as a glyph to be writen for the word family.
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Depends what kind of symbol you are asking for. There are many types heraldries, sign language, Chinese symbols, glyphs, hieroglyphs, and I think one of the letters in Hebrew might stand for friendship or maybe more than one don't remember my Hebrew that well. So what are you looking for, your question is not specific enough as you can tell by Aicha's answer.

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