Can You State The Difference Between Connotation And Denotation Giving One Exmple For Each?


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Description of Denotation;
Denotation means "a dwelling place" while connotation is an emotion of doing relationship or implication. Now the examples of both words are also described here under:

Example 1. You may live in a house, but we live in a home.
Example 2. A flower with its stem
Example 3. When a flower becomes the sign of worship and pleasure.

The denotative meaning is the literal, or dictionary meaning; the connotative meaning includes all the associations and feelings evoked by the word.

Main dissimilarity between Connotation and Denotation:
There is a extraordinarily straightforward dissimilarity between denotation and connotation. Denotation has simple definition while connotation provides a particular sense. In denotation, some terms like seasons, brightness, darkness, re-energized come into brain.

Connotation is frequently expressive in nature, so if it is planned, it may be for the intention of viewing a person's emotional responses rather than the logical assessment of an dispute. On contrary to it, the connotation can be somewhat like wedding, plants, intense colors, beams etc. When we consideration cheerfulness, all these type of words quickly come into our brain.
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Please i have a project about dennotation and connotation i need your help!!!!!
I need to know what is the theory in denotation??
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Definition of Denotation;  Denotation is the actual meaning.  There is no hidden meaning, just the definition of the word itself.    Example;  A red rose with a green stem is the also an example of denotation.    Definition of Connotation:  Connotation is a feeling, having to do with association or implication.    Example;  In connotation a red rose is the symbol of love and passion.    Difference between Denotation and Connotation; The difference between denotation and connotation is very simple.  Denotation is the straight definition of the word and connotation is the feeling or sense that it gives you, e.g. The word "breezy". In denotation it means that there might be some wind today.  In connotation, these words/feelings come to mind:  Cool, light, refreshed, summer, spring, fall, etc.    Connotation is often emotional in nature, so if it is intended, it may be for the purpose of showing a person's emotional reactions rather than the logical evaluation of an argument, i.e. Happiness, "A feeling of luck, good spirit." It would be the dictionary definition of happiness. The connotation can be something like marriage, flowers, bright colors, rainbows, smiles etc. These would be words that would come into our mind when we thought of happiness.
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When we say about food that it is tasty this is connotation but when we say the meaning of food is denotation
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Denotation is the dictionary definition of a word.
Connotation is a group of ideas implied but not directly indicated by the word.
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Its very simple...I'm only in 7th grade and know what it means.

Simply denotation is the dictionary meaning of the word, therefore the connotation has association with it like for example, if the word is sun its connotation could be bright  or light. There are many different connotation but usually only 1 specific denotation. Denotation is like saying  the sun is a ball of gasses, which could be the denotation for the word sun.
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In reference to logic:
1. DENOTATION-  a. It denotes the object  b. It refers to the members of the class  c. In other words the denotation is the object or thing referred by a term. Example : Gita , Mohan ( denote or refers to  the human beings)

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